Equipment Shelters

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8ft x 16ft

12ft x 14ft

12ft x 16ft

12ft x 20ft



Precast Concrete Equipment Shelters

Cellular, PCS, Microwave and Telephone

These shelters are secure, high quality and low maintenance buildings. They are engineered for extreme environments. We offer custom engineering buildings designed to your specifications

Interior Finish
Fully insulated walls and ceiling with R10 foam insulation and covered with 1/2″ white vinyl coated plywood. Flooring consists of 1/8″ commercial tile with color keyed vinyl trim baseboard.

Options and Accessories
Smoke Detectors, Cable Trays, Door Alarms and Ground Halos are a few accessories that can be added to complete your shelter requirements. Equipment staging is also available.

Each building will be wired to your needs and to comply with the National Electrical Code. From a basic AC service panel, to a standby generator system.

Environmental Control
Various types and methods of climate control can be installed. Wall mounted HVAC units are typically used for adjustment, however in some applications, a simple baseboard heater and exhaust fan may be all that is required.

Exterior Finishes
Precast concrete provides a durable, weatherproof and vandal resistant exterior. Choose from exposed aggregate or an optional textured rib.

Exterior Door
16 gauge 3’x7′ steel door with weather stripping is standard. Frame is mounted with anchors to allow for adjustment or replacement.

Each building component is constructed to exact specifications using steel forms. Welded Wire Fabric and Rebar are used throughout each panel to provide maximum strength and durability.

8′, 10′ and 12′ widths with 8′ or 9′ ceilings are standard. Custom sizes are available upon request for adjustment or replacement.

Crest has the knowledge and experience to deliver and set your shelter on time.

From design through delivery, you can count on Crest .

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